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Tutorials - Tech Talk with JajaGerman synthesist and stargazer Jaja now successful explores the space ambient universe for many years. Besides her free digital releases she offers physical releases in form of Audio Compact Discs. Jaja has a very close relation to her synthesizers, the Roland JD-800 and the Roland XV-88. Her compositions are always played and recorded live. As experienced and passionated hardware synthesizer user, she talks here on CYAN about her inspirations, loudness and production techniques.

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Which 3 points are most important on writing a new track?
Inspiration, composure and inner peace. Above all, its about: Why there is music and what is it made for? The answer is quite simple: Our inner voice, which plays an instrument. The instrument, which tells our melody. So, the selection of the instrument is the prerequisite for successful playing. Everyone has different requirements, talent and passion about. But is always the inspiration that drives us. Composure which opens us. Inner voice which lets us.

Which role plays loudness on writing or recording a track?
Loudness is a very important topic, but overrated most times. Its important to find a value which fits the needs of hearing and feeling the music in equal measure and creates an own room sound that keeps some free space for inspiration and leisure. In sumn, it is a loudness the room can reflect at this moment. In addition, the post production has to handle the results of the recorded room sound sensitive.

What influences most while playing music?
The sound influences playing music most. It is uplifting and catalyzing to work within a perfect soundscape. When the sound returns to you and affects itself through this, because you hear and feel. It really can create something very unique.

What techniques are used most frequently?
Its the simple techniques: One device, one track, one composition and few recordings. Most times, simplicity makes music authentic. And extreme important: A perfect preparation and knowledge of the used sounds and gear.

You are working with the Roland JD-800 and the Roland XV-88. What moved you to this selection, and how are your experiences with those two devices? What are the differences between those both?
The search for the perfect possibilities of realisation of my dreams and musical preferences, which brought me to my both perfect synths. Only synthesizers with keys and many sliders came into consideration. Both Roland synthesizers offer a varity of sounds through digital samples and the assertiveness of hardware gear. Those both devices are heavyweights and true Rolands. The differences are 9 years in developement from 1991s JD-800 to 2000s XV-88. The JD-800 only offers 24 voices, but is an absolute sound blaster while the XV-88 offers 128 voices and sounds super silky. The JD-800 simply invites to create sounds through its many knobs and sliders, the XV-88 comes as contrast with a 7 octave keyboard and weighted keys.

Play music when inspired and research the room sound.
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