Jaja ⟩ Sparkles
Jaja - Sparkles
Sparkling, lightening and guiding. This music takes you to the source. "Sparkles" was composed and played in the late nights of October/November 2015 live under the stars and galaxies of the constellation of the whale (Cetus). All the music has been created with the Roland JD-800 synthesizer and the TC Electronic M-One XL effect processor. For the most sparkling sound the whole album was recorded through the Allen & Heath GL-2200 audio mixing console. Jaja offers this album as Compact Disc via Bandcamp.

If you like to purchase one of the limited CDs, you can order Starlight here at Bandcamp.

Catalog Number 055
Released 2016-01-01
License CC BY-NC-ND 4.0
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