D-Echo Project (Portugal)
In 2010, the two friends Valter Silva and Roger Coelho, both from Peniche in Portugal, decided to work together as D-Echo Project to create Lounge, Downtempo, Chillout. Their musical background is a profund live percussions experience and a long research about music production. Valter had his first musical experiences on local events in 1995 where his passion about percussion began. A few years later, he started to play percussion on jam sessions with local musicians. Rogers passion for music production started in 2008 when he learned how to produce with a computer. Their music is a fusion of styles from all over the world. The passion for deep slow sultry sounds and dub bass take them to put their soul into every piece of music they create.
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CYAN ⟩ Free audio label ⟩ Founded 2009

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